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Games Master: Season 3
C4 6.30pm, Thursday 9th September 1993 - March 1994
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Games Academy

Games Master 3: The Games Academy burst onto the screens on Thursday 9th September 1993. However, we weren't treated to normal proceedings as the biggest shock change to the show as Dexter Fletcher was the front man for the show (as Dominik Diamond announced that he was leaving the show to peruse other projects.) So in was drafted Dexter, who had originally been invited on the show to be a celebrity guest but when the news came of Dom's leaving, was offered the job of presenter. Other changes to the show were that the original driving force behind the show, Cameron McAllister and Adam Wood, had also left the show (although Cameron still directed the opening titles for this series.) McDonalds, who wanted its popular fast food brand attached to the show, now sponsored Games Master for a two-year deal. Indeed, it was rumoured that this was one of the reasons that Dominik had actually left the show at his disapproval of them.

Trailers were released a few weeks before the first show came announcing that Dominik had burnt out on the Oil Rig, and a new face was going to be presenting the show. Dexter was a familiar face to me as I used to watch him in the C4 teen drama The Press Gang so I knew him from something at least. So up he stepped through a red pit in the prison location and uttered his first introduction "Ello, and welcome to the all new show-numbing, joystick-thrashing Games Master. This guy burnt out on Level 2, but you'll be pleased to see that Auntie Marisha survived intact. Now, me and the Games Master have a little chat and decided we don't want any more of this 'come on do a challenge, get a joystick and go home' business. Oh no, now I'm in charge and we're gonna do things my way." So an "Oiii, GamesMarrstahh" later, we were introduced to The Games Master, who had now adopted a virtual cat called Roger, with the inevitable pussy jokes included.

The first show of the series was a themed Mortal Kombat special, with all the reviews, features, consoletations and a celebrity challenge featuring Jonny Cage and Sonia, all taking part in the show. Other shows were themed as well such as a violent special, sports special etc. but they featured different games instead of focusing on just one. The challenges changed slightly this series as the first challenge would usually be played by 3 or 4 people with the winners from that challenge going on to take part in the final challenge at the end of the show. The Caretaker who would appear out a similar smoke-filled Pit of the Diver from Series 2 would award the Joysticks and take the abysmal players down there by order of Chrome Dome. Commentators this season included familiar faces to the show such as Stephen Carsey, Frank O'Connor, Tim Boon, Neil West, Jim Douglas from Games Master Magazine, and Dave Perry.

Once again Games Master Live! Took place at the Birmingham NEC, and featured the same things as last year, including live Games Master shows on a mock-built set. However, this series they actually broadcast a show directly live with Dexter pulling members of the public out to play on Aladdin, the old favourite Sonic Blastman and Street fighter II: Turbo Edition. There was a big feature where Dexter took a walk around the arena and chatted to the public and celebrities that were there. Fitting it all in a live show proved tricky though as computers never do what you want them to when the pressure is on and whilst a young Rik Henderson (I think) set up the Street fighter II challenges live, the show was dangerously running out of time and had to cut out of the challenge to let the credits roll. Minutes before, Dexter had been told to say goodbye then and there and understandably looked uncomfortable as the cameras were still obviously rolling after he had said it.

There were problems halfway through filming the series as Oxford Prison, where they had previously been filming the first half of the series, was re-commissioned to open so there was a lot of panic about how they were going to go and accommodate for this on the show. They eventually found The House of Pain in London Dungeon and filmed the remaining shows in there. However, a new format was brought to the show, which was the ill-fated Team Championship. Each week three teams of three people would play three/four challenges to knock each other out until there was only one team left each show that would proceed into the semi finals and then the finals. Dave Perry was drafted in as the regular commentator who would pretty much commentate solely on the challenges as Dexter cheered on a lot. This part of Games Masterís life is looked upon as the low point and it's easy to see why. Whilst the style suited a show such as Games World, it didn't on Games Master, which had to also incorporate reviews/features/consoletations in, as well as a celebrity challenge and three Team Championship challenges. It was too fast and frantic and even the closing credits were cut in length. There was however a cracking Xmas special where it was a more relaxed affair with three teams of panto-celebs playing games, Frank Bruno dressed as Santa Clause to play a challenge, and even Dave Perry decked in an Archangel Outfit and halo.

The final of the Team Championships took place with the entire show devoted to it, so there were no reviews, consoletations or celebrity challenges. The very guy who had commissioned Games Master in 1991, Mike Miller, awarded the prize of an Atari Jaguar, Philips CDI and a PC for their school to the overall winners. The runners-up each received a Golden Joystick and the winners got a 'jewl encrusted' Golden Joystick as well. Dexter, who seemed relieved the whole thing was over, made the final link before handing us to The Games Master who promised us that he would be back to continue the search for games playing challengers.

Rating - 80% Season 3 Judgement Rating - 80%

The first half of Series 3 was acutely quite good but the lack of the original GM Presenter/Director/Producer obviously showed. The script Dexter was given was in all fairness terrible and I challenge anyone to make a string vest and boiler suit fashionable - it almost certainly wasn't Dexter's idea. The Team Championships were quite different to the early part of the season and was basically like a rushed version of Games World that had to fit all of GM's regular features and reviews as well. If the rest of the series had been the same as the first, it might not have been so bad, but the cramped conditions of the Dungeon made for quite a claustrophobic show also Dexter's in-yer-face attitude made it different to watch, personally I think Dexter didnít do a bad job, Season 3 was a lot more like Games World than Games Master, If Dominik hadnít of present Games Master in previous Seasons then Dexter would have stood a chance, but unfortunately this is where Dexter was really thrown in at the deep end, Dominik left some huge shoes to fill and Dexter was not the man to do it, Game Master was Dominikís show and will always continue to be linked with Dominik.



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