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GamesMaster - Season 5GamesMaster: Season 5
C4 6.30pm, Thursday nights, September 1995 - February 1996
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The previous series of Games Master had attempted to try and release itself from the childlike feel to the first few series and whilst it maybe hadn't quite been achieved last time around, by the time the new series came in 1995 it certainly had. The opening credits were no longer computer inspired but instead featured Dominik walking into the middle of the road and getting run over by a bus, with memories flashing in front of him in a hospital while he was slipping in and out of consciousness, before he eventually died and went to Heaven. The most notable change to the show was that it had reinvented itself as New Games Master: Born Again and it certainly was offering a new entertainment package as the dark cyberpunk surroundings had been thrown out in favour of a bright Heaven set featuring a cromakey effect around the studio that would play a rolling videotape of clouds. Dominik now opted for a classic style look with white shirt and black suit, and was really coming into his own, as we 'quite literally' got the full force 'type situations' of his humour and phrases. The Games Master was decked out as God and instead of the head machinery was now wearing a crown. Splendid stuff.

The format to the show changed quite dramatically this year. As the show had stepped away from the previous childlike series, as was mentioned, it was decided that one of the shows famous sections was to be given the boot. That was The Consoletation Zone, which was sad to see go but unfortunately had lived its day. Another notable departure from the show was that of a live studio audience, who had been replaced with cromakey video footage of the audience dressed as angels. A stark contrast to what we had been used to for four years, but important changes none the less.

This series excelled the previous in every way possible. At first I wasn't for the bright new look, but looking back it made perfect sense and fitted exactly with the style the show wanted to become. There were so many changes infact, I don't know if I'll remember to mention them all. Well, first the Golden Joystick helpers had been converted into two angels wearing minimum clothing. Hoorah! Another notable part to get mentioned is the humour; it was the best it had ever been and I challenge anyone to every try to be as funny about videogames as Dominik was this series (even outperforming Series' 1 jokes about "waggling the joystick"). What else? Ahh, the Features. They were good the previous series, but they really went to town this time round and provided some stonkingly amusing Features including a walk around the set of top Mark Hamill action game Wing Commander V, a visit to Microsoft HQ to talk to a PR guy dressed as Satan about Windows 95. A notable one is when GM covered a global Doom Death Match competition, where the UK champ got beaten on a second attempt (after winning the first) by a snotty 15 year old kid who complained that he couldn't hear the sound in the first game (the UK guy couldn't either) with a hilarious quip from Dom saying, "That's pathetic and so's your attempt at growing a moustache", and finally, the greatest Feature of all, Dominik's adventure in Vegas on the Desperado Rollercoaster - the single, largest rollercoaster in the world.

The show also offered the best challenges the show had seen with most shows now devoted to a single challenge, along with the celeb challenges (sometimes combined). This almost heralded back to Series' 3 game themed shows, but difference this time was that they were a lot more interesting to watch. Some of the more varied challenges included: a challenge by the now Deputy Ed of gamesTM, Martin Mathers, completing Virtua Cop with a perfect score, a Doom LAN Death match, a Quake MOD level played by the UK champion and built by a Quake expert, the first online game with celebrity guest Ronnie O'Sullivan who played Virtual Pool, and finally one of the greatest challenges at the end of the series that featured Iron Maiden guitarist Yanik Gerr playing Quest for Fame with a fake guitar attached to the PC.

The end of the series saw Dominik walk off into the gates with the two angels by his side before saying "I hope we've proved that playing videogames is the best thing you can do in your spare time... well, nearly almost!" before once again leaving it to the big man to have the final word (which was "Goodbye" if you're anal about wanting to know stuff like that).

Rating - 98% Season 5 Judgement Rating - 98%

I have to admit that I was a huge fan when I saw the re-look to the show; this series has undoubtedly stood the test of time and is right up there with Series Two. Far too many moments to single out I'm afraid, but overall a fantastic series and one that should certainly be at the top of everyone’s' favourite GM Series' list.



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