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Games Master: Season 7
C4 6.00pm, Tuesday's from October 1997 till January 1998
Number of Shows:
Desert Island

This series wasn't even meant to be. It was regarded that Series 6 had been the last we would see of GM over at Hewland International, after hearing nothing back from Channel 4 regarding it. They weren't even aware that a new series had been commissioned until the very last moment as C4 had 'forgotten' to tell them. However, being told too late meant that the first 8 shows would have to be filled with repeats of Friends in the schedule leaving the final show of the series with 10 shows to fill.

Dominik himself, who promised that the show would go out with a bang, announced the new series in the GM forum at C4.com. I seem to recall Dom answering a question about the opening titles saying that they would feature him running through a series of doors that would open to each series of GM. Interesting idea and would have been great to see but instead the opening sequence featured Dom dreaming about a Dessert Island and running through a psychedelic dream of a forest, a town city and tunnels before reaching his desert island with the two beautiful girls awaiting him.

Right at the start of the series in November 1997 Dom said, "This is the last ever series. We don't care how much Channel 4 begs us to come back. You can scream, you can stamp your feet, you can cry great veils of tears but in ten weeks time, we are taking this show off the air... for good."

The series started off in fine form with the first challenge featuring Tomb Raider 2. A time when Tomb Raider was actually still credible and crap movie cash-ins weren't yet in the pipeline. Celebrity Pin-ups like Jo Guest, Emma Harrison, All Saints, Emma Noble, Debbie Flett and Sarah Vandenberg all featured this series along with non-celebrity pin-ups like Sol Campbell and Chris Daily.

No outside Features for this series of Games Master as Dominik's fear of flying had reached epic heights and apparently it was even written into his contract that he wouldn't be made to fly! Most of the features were about N64 add-ons like the DD, which never actually reached Britain. One of the amusing Christmas features took a look at the new Barbie game that had come out.

Show 9 was the last proper game playing challenge show and featured an exclusive tournament on Tekken 4 with world champions fighting it out to win the last ever Golden Joystick. Show 10 was a teary-eyed nostalgic look back at the past seven seasons of Games Master TV History, featuring a whole host of celebrities, memorable games-playing challenges and Features.

The end of the show came all too quickly and we were left with Dom sitting in front of the studio in dark lights talking to the camera: "Well, that's it. I would like to thank the many talented people that have worked on the show. They will all go onto bigger things but none somehow will seem quite as self indulgent as Games Master. I know some people might have thought it's been in bad taste, but it was made with the conviction that to you, the viewers, it meant something. So, I guess really now with the last link of the last show I should come up with the funniest gag in the history of Games Master… but I can’t."

The credits of the entire GM crew of Series 1-7 ran in silence before the final shot of Sir Patrick Moore leaving the studio and heading into a taxi ran. It was the end of a special show and the end of a special era of youth television. Thanks to all who made GM what it was. This site is a dedication to them all.

Rating - 76% Season 7 Judgement Rating - 76%

This wasn't the greatest series to go out on, but still had some memorable moments. The last show of the series made sure it would go out on a bang and it was a fitting tribute to the life of the show, thanking the loyal fans who had tuned in each week to watch it, the trouble with the last show was that 28 minutes was no where near enough time to do a proper farewell that Games Master dissevered, it should have been a 60 minute show, this would of given Dominik enough time to do a proper look back at the past 7 years, the final show was all to fast and finished before you had chance to take it all in.

It has been said the show will *never* return under any circumstances but this was over 5 years ago now and what has been seen to capture the crown of gaming TV? Sir Patrick has said he would do a new series, Dominik has said that he'd "most likely" present a new series, a lot of the crew admit that they'd love to make a new series so let's hope the sun hasn't quite set on GM just yet...