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Welcome to the Interviews Section!

This section contains interviews taken from Jack Templeton's Gamesmastertv site and all the unedited interviews from the special GamesMaster Magazine...


Violet Berlin- January 2004

Well known videogame spokeswoman and presenter of Bravo's hugely successful videogames show, 'Game Pad', Violet Berlin has taken the time to talk to us about the fourth groundbreaking series of the show. Violet, started her television career in perhaps the greatest way possible - working for Timmy Mallet on the Wide Awake Club and then on the second incarnation, Wacaday...

Violet Berlin Interview

Steve Carsey - January 2003

You've probably sat at home and watched 'Robot Wars' thinking "There's bits in 'ere that remind me of that GamesMaster show that I did watch" - and you'd be right. It was old-skool GM researcher Steve Carsey who came up with the concept of the show and brought it to your BBC2 viewing schedules in the mid '90s. I caught up with him to discuss our love for Jet from TV's Gladiators and Hacksaw Jim Duggan's 2x4 in Series 2...

Steve Carsey Interview

Theresa Tilley - November 2002

The mermaid Joystick givers of Series 6 were given the chance to speak. Not a very interesting fact, but what is interesting is that one of them was Theresa Tilly who was the cheekier mermaid out the pair. After hours of grueling Internet research, I came across Theresa at her company; Glam Slam Tequila Agency. She very kindly too part in an interview and even provided her own personal GM photos for use on the site. Thanks!

Theresa Tilley Interview

Archer Maclean - September 2002

If you're an old-skool gamer, the chances are you've come across some amazing games created by this man through your time - Dropzone, Jimmy White's Whirlwind, Archer MacLean's Pool, etc. So it was an honor to get to talk to him about his three appearances on GamesMaster, having John Parrot pretend that he owns his Ferrari, and Jimmy White literally getting his arse burnt when playing a games challenge...

Archer Maclean Interview

Jonny Ffinch - July 2002

Remember GamesMaster Series 3? Well, this is the man that raised it from the grave and sent it straight down to Hell for Series 4 and, indeed, onwards till the final show in 1998. Four years later, he receives an innocent enough looking letter from a long-term fan. He replies. Little did he know that I was in fact going to haunt him until a new series of GamesMaster was made by C4. We're both still waiting for that day...

Jonny Ffinch Interview

Kirk Ewing - May 2002

Series 5 brought us lots of good newness; some fantastic humor, two gorgeous angels wearing next to nothing, and Kirk Ewing - one of three new regular co-commentators added to the show. Kirk and Dominik were an unstoppable force in the designated commentary area and would often play each other off in the battle of the wits. Kirk contacted me and was more than happy to take part in the following interview....

Kirk Ewing Interview

Dave 'GamesAnimal' Perry - March 2002

The first ever interviewee for the site was none other than the bandanna wearing 'GamesAnimal', Dave Perry. Rumors were put to rest more recently in 2003 when it was revealed that the bandanna was not because Dave was going bald. No, Dave's hair is still as lush and care-free as it was many years ago. Anyway, Dave answered many of the questions that were prepared for him, so enjoy...

Dave Perry Interview