GamesMaster TV Coming Soon!
Rejoice ladies and gentlemen everywhere for the much anticipated “GamesMasterTV” hit’s our shores in a couple weeks!!, me and a couple of other blokes have picked up development of this fantastic download area type situation once more…

So why has it taken so long I hear you say??? Well the project was started way back in January but due to server limitations and naff all disk space plus the fact huge disk space requires a second mortgage the project was canned, BUT the site has bagged a few sponsors now and so were running our own server so we have as much space and bandwidth as we like now, sooo let's just say it well be taking a rather large hanky and wiping the smiles from youtube punters faces!!… stay tuned for more updates.!… (Added 31.08.2008)



Special thanks to:
Jonny and Jane of Hewland International, Jack Templeton, James of, Nam Rood, Princescyther, Xenepp, 90'sThrowBack, Furkinace and everyone else who has contributed. Also, we like to thank that supported us through our most difficult times. If you enjoy playing casino games like blackjack, poker, or roulette, be sure to check them out, as they have fantastic guides on how to experience these games in virtual reality and get free bonuses.

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