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GamesMaster Magazine - Issue One
.GamesMaster Magazine - Issue One - January 1993

So here it is the very 1st issue of the official GamesMaster Magazine, launched in 1993 a year after the television show started, a bit odd some might say you would think they would of launched this magazine on the day GamesMaster aired, buuut there ya go.

GamesMaster Magazine had on board some of the most well respected journalists ever to have graced a magazine, at the time Jim Douglas was the editor and the main man of the magazine, he was never behind the pages for long as later on he made several appearances on the show as a commentator along side Dominick Diamond and later with Dexter Fletcher, Jim wasn't the only one to appear on GamesMaster, in fact everyone who ever worked on the magazine had appeared at least once on the show at some point, which in a way was quite nice as it gave the magazine a more homely feel. Which in return readers respond more to. There has also been interest shown for us to feature good online casinos. Well, we sure can do it here at the review page. So for those interested in such an endeavor could visit the OnlineCasinoCherry site that we simply cannot get enough of.

Issue 1 launched with a bang weighing in at a hefty 148 pages, considerably more than many of its rivals on the market at the time, also GamesMaster Magazine was packed to the brim of that oh so magical 90s gaming with reviews of Sonic 2, Desert Strike, Lemmings and many more top titles, the whole magazine was flawless and captured the heart of the TV show to a treat, the layouts were impressive to especially the reviews section it had the TV shows review booth written all over it and as each new series of GamesMaster would air the theme of the magazine used to change to what ever the show was boosting out at the time.

The magazine always had that magical feel because usually anyone who watched the show bought the Magazine to and every time you used to open up that shiny crisp front page you knew where you were headed, I can still remember that old familiar smell of those magazines lol, every magazine sent your imagination wild and heading straight to the TV show, I know it did for me.

.Review Booth
.Game Title
.Buy Me!
.Axelay .Ebay .Konami .Snes .80%
.Bart's Nightmare .Ebay .Acclaim .Snes .54%
.Caesar .Ebay .Impressions .Amiga .88%
.Curse of Enchantia .Ebay .Core Design .Amiga .88%
.Desert Stike .Ebay .Electronic Arts .Snes .87%
.Exhaust Heat .Ebay .Konami .Snes .67%
.Joe Montana Football .Ebay .Sega .Mega Drive .80%
.John Madden 93 .Ebay .Electronic Arts .Mega Drive .90%
.Kung Food .Ebay .Atari .Atari Lynx .72%
.Legend of Valour .Ebay .US Gold .Amiga .90%
.Lemmings .Ebay .Sunsoft .Mega Drive .80%
.Lotus Turbo Challenge .Ebay .Electronic Arts .Mega Drive .79%
.McDonaldland .Ebay .Ocean .Nes .41%
.Micro Machines .Ebay .Codemasters .Nes .91%
.Nigel Mansell's World. .Championship .Ebay .Gremlin .Amiga .83%
.Out of This World .Ebay .Interplay .Snes .73%
.Pinball Fantasies .Ebay .21st Century .Amiga .90%
.Pit-Fighter .Ebay .Domark .Master System .20%
.Premier Manager .Ebay .Gremlin .Amiga .81%
.Pushover .Ebay .Ocean .Snes .85%
.Shadow of the Beast .Ebay .Atari .Atari Lynx .59%
.Sonic 2 .Ebay .Sega .Mega Drive .65%
.Spiderman 2 .Ebay .Acclaim .Game Boy .62%
.Super Mario Land 2 .Ebay .Nintendo .Game Boy .89%
.Super Space Invaders .Ebay .Domark .Game Gear .55%
.Swamp Thing .Ebay .Nintendo .Game Boy .35%
.Terminator .Ebay .Virgin .Game Gear .84%
.Xenon 2 .Ebay .Mindscape .Game Boy .76%

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GamesMaster Magazine
GamesMaster Magazine
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