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GamesMaster Magazine - Issue One
.GamesMaster Magazine - Issue Two - Febuary 1993

Jim Douglas / EditorI don’t know about you lot, but after Christmas, I’m shagged. Everyone always goes on about how rested and relaxed they are come the new year, but I find 12 days of liqueur-fuelled argy bargy with relatives and an orgy of turkey’n’pud guzzling enough to render me useless for the following fortnight. It’s only the Absolutely Tragic GamesMaster Christmas Board Game (see last issue) that keeps me going. So I’m glad to be back in the land of the video game, to be honest.

Anyway, if you’re new to the mag and especially if you got a games machine for Christmas, welcome! I hope we’ll be spending many happy months together.

To kick the new year off to a brain-busting start, we’ve got a 3D spectacular to complement our line-up of rollicking reviews, part previews and other stuff, if you’ve already found the 3D glasses on the front cover of this month’s mag, take them off, it’s not the time for them yet, instead, you should watch out for the pages with out special 3D symbol. Once you spot it, flex those specs, and you’ll be treated to a blast of glorious graphics in not one, not two but three dimensions! As well as 3D pages, we’ve also got a 3D Chaos Engine poster, especially drawn for us by utterly top Judge Dredd Magazine artist Stephen Sampson. Speaking of real game discoveries, have you spend quality gaming time at online casinos recently? The choice of casino games is immense, the graphics will swamp you in slots games and don't get me going on their unbelievable bonus offers. Swiss online casinos are on top of the game lately, and you can find out here why. I strongly recommend browsing their 3D section and immersing yourself in the best titles.

And of course, we’ve got the Chaos Engine itself, a welcome return to form for the Bitmaps after the disappointing Magic Pockets.

Jim Douglas / Editor

.Review Booth
.Game Title
.Buy Me!
.Battle Clash .Ebay .Bandai .Snes + Scope .36%
.Bombjack .Ebay .Infogrames .Game Boy .78%
.Chaos Engine .Ebay .Renegade .Amiga .90%
.Cool World .Ebay .Ocean .Amiga .73%
.Dirty Larry .Ebay .Atari .Atari Lynx .76%
.Dracula .Ebay .Atari .Atari Lynx .90%
.F15 Strike Eagle .Ebay .Microprose .Nes .47%
.Fate of Atlantis .Ebay .LucasArts .Amiga .88%
.Gods .Ebay .Mindscape .Snes .78%
.John Madden 93 .Ebay .Electronic Arts .Snes .88%
.Krusty's Super Fun House .Ebay .Acclaim .Amiga .80%
.Lethal Weapon .Ebay .Ocean .Amiga .58%
.Mickey's Magical Quest .Ebay .Capcom .Snes .87%
.Micro Machines .Ebay .Codemasters .Mega Drive .93%
.NHLPA Hocky .Ebay .Electronic Arts .Snes .68%
.PGA Tour Golf 2 .Ebay .Electronic Arts .Mega Drive .94%
.Predator 2 .Ebay .Flying Edge .Mega Drive .35%
.Road Rash .Ebay .Electronic Arts .Amiga .91%
.Rolo To The Rescue .Ebay .Electronic Arts .Mega Drive .84%
.Steel Talons .Ebay .Tengen .Mega Drive .51%
.Street Fighter 2 .Ebay .US Gold .Amiga .78%
.Super Pang .Ebay .Bandai .Snes .82%
.Super Star Wars .Ebay .JVC/Konami .Snes .92%
.Terminator 2 - Arcade Game .Ebay .Flying Edge .Mega Drive .80%
.Wing Commander .Ebay .Mindscape .Snes .94%
.WWF European Rampage Tour .Ebay .Ocean .Amiga .41%

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