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Welcome to the Games Master Live's Recommended!

All the sites featured here have the honour of being classed as a 'Mega Site' so I urge you all to visit them and revel in their brilliance...




http://hol.abime.net HOL.ABIME.NET
The Amiga Hall of Light is with out a doubt the largest database of Amiga software available on the internet, if you have a query about an Amiga game then here you will find it, from Box scans to Disc scans, Screen shots and even cheats the The Amiga Hall of Light has the lot.

Master System fan?, well you will be once youíve delved into this great site, everything you wanted to know about the Master System is right here.
www.meanmachinesmag.co.uk MEANMACHINESMAG.CO.UK
The Mean Machines Archive - a site devoted to the memory of the classic multi format publication. Here you will find all the NES, Master System, Megadrive, Gameboy and SNES reviews covered in the magazine's history.
www.retrogamer.net RETROGAMER.NET
Retro Gamer is back and this time itís better than ever, everything you loved about the UKís only dedicated retro magazine has returned, itís a solid retro magazine packed to the brim with old classic bits from the 80s to the 90s plus retro reviews and features, Retro Gamer also offers an online community, a central hub of retro gamers.